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RTF# 72 Improving Mindset with Food & Exercise with Rockstar Spotlight of the Month Kim Raibourn!

Rock That Fitness Podcast

Kim Raibourn, proud Texan, mom, grandma, wife to her own Country Boy, and dyslexia therapist in her local school district is in our spotlight this month!

Kim has a long history of being in the fitness world as a runner but she struggled with dialing in her nutrition, eating to properly fuel her body and noticed loss of muscle mass. She also knew she needed a closer knit community that focused on strength training & nutrition that celebrated women of all ages.

Kim has become an inspiring shining star in the RTF community!

I want to thank Kim for being vulnerable during our conversation. She did not hold back about her experiences with lifelong difficulties surrounding an unhealthy mindset with her body, food, and fitness.

Since joining RTF almost a year ago, Kim has been building muscle, getting stronger and has been eating more food & dialing in her nutrition and has a whole new mindset surrounding food & fitness.

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