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RTF# 107 Women’s Health, Pelvic Floor, and Strength Training Part 1

Hey there Rockstars! There are many times on this podcast where you have heard me ask Chrissy to either leave something in or add something to the show notes. Well, not only is Chrissy a part of the RTF leadership team, she is also a pelvic floor physical therapist and I thought it would be such a great opportunity to have her on the podcast!


Chrissy Clark has her doctor of physical therapy degree along with a board certification as a women’s health clinical specialist who focuses on addressing pelvic health concerns in women with active lifestyles. She is also a member of the APTA Pelvic Health Academy Health and Wellness Committee providing resources to the general public and to other physical therapists regarding pelvic health concerns.


Today’s episode is part 1 where Chrissy and I discuss what the pelvic floor is, how it functions, and common diagnoses that can happen to women who strength train. Make sure to check out part 2 in a few weeks where we talk about treatment options for pelvic floor concerns.


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