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RTF# 50 Unlocking the Power of Cardiovascular Fitness: The Science of Why You Should Be Doing Cardio and My Personal Experiences with Triathlons

Rock That Fitness Podcast

Today’s episode is all about cardiovascular fitness and the science of WHY you need to include it for your heart & lung health!

I know I talk A LOT about the importance of strength training, however, getting in some cardio is also super important for your health.

Not only am I talking about the science of cardiovascular fitness, I also get to share with you my triathlon experiences!

Some topics I discuss are:

  • Definition of cardiovascular exercise
  • Why is cardiovascular fitness important?
  • Target heart rate zones and how to use them to achieve your goals (see below for more details)
  • How to know if your cardio is working

Target Heart Rate Zones

Zone 1 - VERY Light 50% to 60%

Zone 2 - Light 60% to 70%

Zone 3 - Moderate 70% to 80%

Zone 4 - High Intensity 80% to 90%

Zone 5 - Max Effort 90% to 100%


Maximum Heart Rate Formula

1. Subtract age from 220

Calculate Target Heart Rate with 220 - Age= X and multiply by Target Heart Rate Zone percentage.


2. Calculating Target Heart Rate with Karvonen Method

First get your Resting Heart Rate (RHR), set aside.

Next, subtract age from 220 for Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)

Subtract RHR from MHR for Heart Rate Reserve (HRR)

Multiply HRR by % and then add back RHR

HRR X 70% + RHR + Target Heart Rate (THR)

220 - age 52 = 168 (MHR)

168 MHR - 45 (RHH)= 123 HRR

123 HRR X 70% = 86.1 + 45 RHR= 131 BPM (Target Heart Rate Zone 2)


OR online calculator for Karvonen Method

 Click here -> Karvonen Method



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