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RTF# 35 Building Your Customized, Flexible Meal Plan: The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Success

Rock That Fitness Podcast

In this episode, Coach Abby and I dive deep into meal plans and meal prepping to help you implement your own road map to improve your weight loss success.

Just a heads up, the meal plan is more important than the meal prep!

Coach Abby and I both agree that instead of giving you a personalized meal plan, we want to teach you the steps to create a sustainable meal plan that fits your lifestyle, food preferences, and fitness goals.

A few questions to help you build a meal plan are:

✅What is your fitness and/or weight loss goal?

✅What is your goal for calorie and protein intake for the day?

✅Based on what your day looks like, how often can you or want to eat?

✅For each meal, what protein do you want to build your meal around?

✅After the protein is decided, which carbohydrates and fats do you want to round out your meal?

✅Are there fruit and vegetables in your meal?

Don’t forget, your meal plan isn’t set in stone! Use the data you’ve gotten from experimenting with what works best for you to help create and implement your flexible meal plan.



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