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RTF# 81 Why One On One Coaching is a Game Changer: Steph's Story!

Rock That Fitness Podcast

Welcome, Rockstars, to a special episode! Coach Abby and I sit down for an enlightening conversation with our Rockstar Spotlight of the Month—Steph! A devoted mom, wife, and police officer in her local community, Steph's journey in Rock That Fitness is nothing short of inspiring.

Since joining RTF a year ago, Steph had a goal to achieve a certain weight. But once she realized that her mindset wasn’t the best regarding the scale, her goals shifted toward increasing her strength and improving her body composition.

Not only is Steph a member of RTF, she is also a 1:1 client! With 1:1 coaching, Steph is able to work with Coach Abby to tailor her workouts and nutrition to address any specific goal, such as the PT test that she had to perform for work.


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