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RTF# 47 Alan Aragon Returns! Exploring the Latest Research on Body Recomposition, Plateau Busting, and Building Muscle at Any Age

Rock That Fitness Podcast

Alan Aragon is back!  I am incredibly honored that Alan has shared his knowledge on the Rock That Fitness Podcast now for the third time.

Dr. Alan Aragon is a nutrition researcher, educator, and author with over 30 years of success in the health field and is highlighting the importance of using evidence-based information to help you live your best Rockstar life.

Check out episodes 17 and 31 to listen to Alan's previous interviews.

In this episode, Alan and I dive into current research regarding

  • consuming various cooking oils.
  • defining body re-composition
  • progressive overload strength training,
  • identifying fitness plateaus and how to break them
  • building muscle can happen at any age and why it is important.



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